It’s simple. 

I’m’m just a random poet , who writes random things.

90% times confused , and 85% of that 90% times stuck in thought loops… I think you might have observed it in my poems if you have been reading them …. 

Truly telling , writing poems and computer Programming are like drugs to me …. I cannot live without them… 

I love to write in the simplest language I know . But sometimes,
my conscience melts away in the intensity of the pressure of time… 
I love to think , (but, I don’t know why people call it  daydreaming ).

I even love to make people think … Thought loops are REAL fun , but are time corroding so I suggest you to not end up in one … You are always welcome for any comments , though you hv my email also as an option … 
But PLEASE COMMENT everything you’ll read on this blog… as that boosts my confidence on myself …

Thank you ,

Want to contact me ? 

Here’s my Email : shreyas.ashtamkar2@yhoo.com
On Instagram – Shreyu.Ashtamkar
And on Fb – Shreyas Ashtamkar.


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